When is Ramadan 2017 ?

When is Ramadan 2017?

Ramadan 2017 will be observed on following dates .

Starting Ramadan date : 27th May 2017

Ending Ramadan date : 27th June 2017

(Note : One Day difference is possible in some countries according to sighting of moon)


When is Juma tul Wida in Ramadan 2017 ?

Juma Tula wida will be observed on last Friday of Ramadan which will be on 23 June 2017


When Is shab-e-qadr or laylat al-qadr 2017 ?

Shab-e-qadr or laylat al-qadr can be on 21 , 23 , 25 , 27 or 29th of Ramadan. (Allah knows better)

49 thoughts on “When is Ramadan 2017 ?

  1. Asad

    Asalam o alaikum Allah tala ap ko is ka ajar day ap nay ramadan calander ki site bani or bhoot say log is ko dakh kar roza rakhay gay or ap ko ajar melay ga.Asad paperpk.com

  2. mushtaq ahmad

    Juma Tula wida will be observed on last Friday of Ramadan which will be on 29th August 2012(it is not on date 29th august but it is on 17 august

  3. Syed Shaukath Ali


    When is Juma tul Wida in Ramadan 2012 ?

    Juma Tula wida will be observed on last Friday of Ramadan which will be on 29th August 2012…

    Lagta hai yahan per kuch galti hogayee hai…kyun ki Eid according to you in 20th Aug then how can be Juma Tula Wida be 29th August 2012. Please check and update.

  4. Rabiu Bello

    Asalam Alaykum,

    When are to start ramadan in Nigeria?

    Rabiu Bello

  5. Nora

    Assalamo Alaycom warahmatullahi Wabakatuhu!

    Lets all celebrates and be happy as we welcome the Holy Month of Ramadan. Lets all forgive those who have sins against us, and ask forgiveness for those who we did mistakes. This holy month will help us to love each other as what Allah teaches us in the Holy Qur’an as his messenger delivered it to His People (MUSLIMS). Allahu Akbar! greetings from Philippines!

    1. Jenny

      Happy Ramadan. I am a Christian, but I think your Ramadan is the equivilant of our holy times Easter & Christmas. So I wish you joy in your celebrations.

  6. haseeb ahmed

    assalam alehkum all ,

    aap sabhi ko ramjan bahut bahut mubarak ho .
    is site par ramjan ka timing de kar apne bahut hi achcha kaam kiya hai allah apke dilo ki har tamanna poori kare or aap isi tarah deen ka kaam karte rahe


  7. shehnaz khan

    Assalm wailekum,
    mubarak to all ramadan month, and Allah Talah Sabki duayein kabul karein! Amin

  8. shehnaz khan

    Wishing u 1 month of ramadan,
    4 weeks of barkat,
    30 days of forgiveness,
    720 hours of guidance,
    43200 minutes of purification,
    2592000 secs of Nuur..!!

    Ramzan Mub

  9. dwi susi wulandari

    asalamu’alaikum, I need your help,I’m new comer in usa( I live in saratoga,california) if you dont mind,would u pleasa give me schedule of this ramadan,thx.

  10. Mostafa

    Assalamu Alaikom

    some pages on this site, contain links to christian missionary sites. I warn adminstrator on this site about this, and I want him to prevent apearing of these sites that spreds blaspheme “kufr” on Muslim sites.

  11. Aziz

    slm.. to al my muslim ummat…

    hav a pesceful ramdan..
    may allah bless all..

  12. Said

    Asslam aleikum
    I think the date will be on the last friday of ramaddan 29-07-12
    Many thanks to all muslims

  13. Azharuddin Shaik

    Assalamualikum to all.Ramadan ul mubarak to all of you.

  14. souhayla

    asalamo 3alaikom, I m in new york now but a dont know the timetable of ramadan here ,bacause I live in spain and I wil stay in new york for 3 weeks , PLEASE someone could tell me the timetable of ramadan here ,thanks a lot!! m3a salama.

  15. syed ahmed

    i really appreciate the work that you guys are doing, however please make sure that the information is right.ramzan mubarrak

  16. Sadiq

    Assalamu Alaikum Today Shab-e-Qadr Mubarak. i.e 19th Aug-2012..
    When I saw the Sun at Morning(Sun Rises) It’s Look like Moon
    Every one can See that’s Allah’s Khudrath…Its Really…

  17. abas

    Assllam-o-alaikum every body.i live in china,i no have any connection to other muslim,i want know when the ramadan finish in china,i live in shandong province.

    thanks alot.

  18. abdiwahab

    mansha allah im proud us ramadan is coming soon my allah give us b;essed all of muslim

  19. ayoob

    allah bada mehar ban hai woh sab kuchh janta hai ramjan bade hi khus kismat logo ki jindagi me atta hai jo roja rakhe ga woh khus kismat aur jo nahi rakhega woh bad kismat hai.

  20. rachael farhani

    i am doing ramadan in scotland i am wanting to go to london for last couple of days spend with family does any one now date enchallah when that is thank you

  21. Waleed Khan

    Salam My name is Waleed Khan and I have just Stepped in India.Would you plz send me the schedule chart of Ramadan this year.I hope it will help me lot.

  22. Mubeen Abbas

    Allah ap ko is neki ka agar ata pharmay (Ameen)

  23. Zuhra

    Asalam o alaekum! I would like to know timing of sehre and Iftar in sheerbrooke Quebec Canada ? I’ll be waiting ur respond… Thank u.

  24. Afzal Nadeem

    Shukuria Wish U Ramadan Month aLL Muslim Bro&Sister!

  25. Uma Maheswar

    Bimillahir Rahmanir Rahim

    As Salam Alaikum Wa Rahamathullahi Wa Barakathuhu

    Happy Ramadan to All
    Almighty Allah Bless Us All


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